Digital Twin Technology for Virtual Factory is Getting Complete

In this technological world, virtual inventions reached in all field in similar way it had been placed their inventions in manufacturing factories too. A*STAR had build a virtual parts in real manufacturing equipment and this new innovations in factory helps all companies to complete their work faster and quick manner. When it is come to giant manufacturing companies when any one of the strap in the conveyor got failed, then it may lead to millions of loss to the company. Moreover, it is not an easy to task find where the fault is occurred in the conveyor even if they find the exact point of failure, it will take maximum time to diagnose and repair the fault. This time delay is mainly due to the data collections, material and human resources especially when it is a fast moving consumer goods then these delay would leads to lose their reputation in deliver goods. In digital twins is an advanced technology in manufacturing field it includes intelligent machines with fully sensorized.

Digital Twin Technology

How the twin digitals would make factories better?
The main idea behind the twin digital is all the machines are sensorized like wise when many machines are sensorized together. The spindle in each machine will monitor all the sensorized machines performance and sent the data’s to the central control room. In order to (more…)

Top 10 Mobile Phone Spying Apps of 2024

Mobile Phone Spying AppIt’s not easy to find the best mobile spying app just based on the number of programs that are currently available. It would take hours on end to test each app out and find the one that works for you, not to mention to the amount of money you’ll end up paying. Luckily, we’ve spent our own time and money researching the apps so you don’t have to. After our months of research, here are the 10 best apps that we found.

Note: There is no best to worst (or opposite) order. Each of tools has some special features by its own so the list is ordered by random choice.

1. HackSpyWapp

After quite a lot of time developing the project, the team of coders behind this WhatsApp Hack Tool has finally released the program that will help everyone spy on accounts using this top messaging platform. You’ll be able to trace any calls and chats of the targets without drawing any attention to yourself. You can even text using their contact ID as well. The contact Id will mimic their profile picture and status message ensuring that your cover isn’t blown. Using this app, you’ll be able to pretend you’re anyone after you’ve hacked their account. There’s an old adage in the hacking world that says nothing is a hundred percent secured, and that holds true with HackSpyWapp – WhatsApp spying tool.
To see detailed guide how to use it read the Wiper‘s tutorial, which you can find here.
> The app can be found on its official website:

2. mSpy

One of the more popular monitoring apps for smartphones is mSpy. It has more than a million users, likely due to the fact that it is really easy for beginners to use it. You just need to (more…)

How to spy WeChat messages with this special hacking software

Wechat HackI’ve stumbled across one very interesting app this morning while browsing Pinterest and drinking my coffee. It seems that one group of coders from got an idea to code not so common software which can be used to spy over WeChat messenger users remotely without their knowing!

Just having this information in my mind makes me feel unsecured when browsing internet because every day I read news about how some (more…)

Mount .ISO and Disc Image Files with Daemon Tools Pro!

Daemon ToolsIf you are one of users who deal with DVD/CD/Blu-ray image-type files on a regular basis, then Daemon Tools software is just what you need. This powerful Windows-supported program offers a free license as well, but I would rather prefer if you go with full version since it comes with few powerful extra options. And if you are dealing DVD/Blu-ray/CG images quite regularly then spending money on this software is a good deal for you.

With the paid version you will get a simple, easy to use and a very straight forward interface. If you are using this software for the first even, then you will not face any (more…)

Softrack Manager Guide

SofTrack This is one concern related application developed in aim to audit/control built systems for Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows OS’s which can help users for:

1. Get inside access of simultaneous programs usage.
2. Determine exact number of workstations rapidly where application is installed and is if it’s not currently running (Providing you to erase unused files and save resources for your next updates or upgrades.
3. Stop the risk of copyright infringement reports by blocking restricted software installations. Your users will no longer be capable to install any program without your previous permission. Adding to this, SofTrack’s control will prevent installation and/or modifications of executable files with viral infection new generation system.
4. Block renaming files like .EXE and .COM extensions – in every part of environment, programs opened windows, online servers, etc. (more…)

4 Instagram Password Recovery Methods of 2024

Instagram password recoveryAll of us can get in situation when we make some online account while in hurry (Like social media / email / game account and so). And then we rapidly make some password that we think we will easily remember. But unfortunately because of being hurry after some time it just disappears from our mind. Find yourself being one of these? xD

Today we will talk about Instagram and how to recover back your hacked/forgotten login password.
IG (Its abbreviation) is in the top of social networks where people forgot their password to log in their profiles. Why? Because this social network is intended just for mobile using at first. And desktop version still doesn’t have that much options like when you use Instagram from your mobile app. And because app doesn’t require you to type your password every time you want to login, it’s normal one will forgot it after some time pass. I forgot mine three times already! But luckily recovered it back successfully because I use my email attached to it all time.

Method 1: Using special software InstaRipper
This is most fastest way to get your account details without knowing email address. Very useful for people who can’t remember which email ID they’ve used when signing up their account.
All you need to do is to enter your Instagram username inside this app and press a button to begin with searching process. After like (more…)

8 Best Android Antivirus Apps Currently on Market

Antivirus tool Apk(s)Nobody wants to get infected with some malware/virus when there is a way to put a barrier to it. These applications mentioned below are one of the most popular ones in the market these days. Each comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. However, below, we shall have a look at 8 ones to look out for.

360 Security-Antivirus Boost

Not because the “360 Security-Antivirus” good thing is free but is also quite progressive in helping protect your phone (desktop) against trojans and other malware. With over 100 million downloads and over 10 million ratings going for an average rating of 4.6 stars, you can’t help but marvel at its popularity! The app comes with a number of features such as the anti-theft feature and the ability to scan your device files for any malware. In addition, it is possible to enjoy real-time protection with this one if you enable the real-time protection feature. For those who wish to lock certain apps on their devices; you will be glad to know that you can do so with the 360 Security tool. There is an lock feature available that lets you enjoy password protection for any app you may have on (more…)

AdRem Server Manager

AdRem Server Manager is a “Net-Ware” server management tool which enables you to manage whole system in a Windows GUI. While preparing this review, we asked what is this one? what are its advantages between its competition? and who are the users of this software?
app screenshot

What is this program invented for?
As we mentioned already this application is a NetWare server management tool that allows you to manage your NetWare servers from a Windows workstation. It was developed by AdRem Software company

What are it’s capabilities?
This paragraph is where we can spend a lot of time explaining. Do you remember old Onsite Admin Pro? Multiply its functionality by ten and you’ll get the real value of AdRem Server Manager! You can configure and publish server parameters to multiple servers from a central location, monitor user activities, graph CPU utilization, create disk usage reports, collect and analyze trends, quickly diagnose problems and track NLM utilization. With this app you can schedule time-intensive routine tasks, and (more…)