Top 10 Mobile Phone Spying Apps of 2024

Mobile Phone Spying AppIt’s not easy to find the best mobile spying app just based on the number of programs that are currently available. It would take hours on end to test each app out and find the one that works for you, not to mention to the amount of money you’ll end up paying. Luckily, we’ve spent our own time and money researching the apps so you don’t have to. After our months of research, here are the 10 best apps that we found.

Note: There is no best to worst (or opposite) order. Each of tools has some special features by its own so the list is ordered by random choice.

1. HackSpyWapp

After quite a lot of time developing the project, the team of coders behind this WhatsApp Hack Tool has finally released the program that will help everyone spy on accounts using this top messaging platform. You’ll be able to trace any calls and chats of the targets without drawing any attention to yourself. You can even text using their contact ID as well. The contact Id will mimic their profile picture and status message ensuring that your cover isn’t blown. Using this app, you’ll be able to pretend you’re anyone after you’ve hacked their account. There’s an old adage in the hacking world that says nothing is a hundred percent secured, and that holds true with HackSpyWapp – WhatsApp spying tool.
To see detailed guide how to use it read the Wiper‘s tutorial, which you can find here.
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2. mSpy

One of the more popular monitoring apps for smartphones is mSpy. It has more than a million users, likely due to the fact that it is really easy for beginners to use it. You just need to install the app on the phone that you wish to monitor and then you can use your license code to activate it. After that, you can monitor the activity on the phone remotely through an online portal that mSpy provides. You can log into the portal whenever you want to access the information after you’ve activated the app. The information available to you includes. GPS location, browsing history, phone calls, texts, and other forms of messages. mSpy is the perfect blend of user-friendly and feature-packed. It even includes a keylogger and social media monitor. You can also use it for parental controls. mSpy has a no-jailbreak version for those who are overly attached to their warranties. All this combined is what makes mSpy one of the best spying apps for iPhones.
> The app can be found on its official website:

3. Highster Mobile

mSpy is great for iPhones, but what if your target is using a Samsung? Well, luckily, there’s an app for Android too, and it’s just as cunning as mSpy. Meet Highster Mobile. All you have to do is download the app onto the target phone and then activate it with your license code. The setup of Highster Mobile is by far the easiest of any of the apps featured on this list. You don’t have to configure any settings to get it running, just install and activate. Once you’ve activated the app license, you just need to log on into your account and track the data. Highster lets you record incoming calls and access the camera feed. It also collects all the usual information that other apps do such as GPS location, contacts, emails, media files, instant messages, texts, and call logs. The camera feed isn’t limited to viewing, it also lets you capture pictures and videos of the feed which you can then view through your account and download for future use. It’s worth noting that Highster doesn’t let you uninstall other apps that might be on the target phone. Highster Mobile only costs $69.99 for a lifetime license which is a good price considering the number of features that you get for the purchase price.
> The app can be found on its official website:

4. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a truly versatile spy app. It has a feature known as call interception that allows you to listen in on incoming phone calls and even record them. You’ll need to jailbreak or root the phone though. That said, once you do that, you’ll be able to keep tabs on all the calls that come through the target device. After your install and configure FlexiSpy, it will record all the data that passes through the device without raising any red flags. The information that it records includes instant messages, social media data, photos, emails, texts, GPS location, call history and call recordings. All the information that you collect through the app can be accessed through the online portal or the mobile app itself. The FlexiSpy app has been available for over 12 years and to date is still one of the top spy apps. You can get one of two versions; Premium or Extreme. The Premium version will give you basically everything you could ask for from a spying app, but the Extreme version is worth trying out if you want to take your surveillance game the extra mile.
> The app can be found on its official website:

5. Spyzie

Spyzie is another app that can help you keep tabs on your mark. It lets you track their GPS location, browsing history, call log, and instant messaging chats. You can even use it as a keylogger. The app runs covertly so you don’t have to worry about your mark noticing that you’ve been keeping tabs on them. The best part about using Spyzie is the fact that you won’t need to jailbreak or root the device for it to work properly. It gives you awesome capabilities including screenshot capturing and video previews. Some of the features that it offers are exclusive to Spyzie and have not been implemented by its competitors. There are two editions of Spyzie that you can get on Android The premium version will put you out $39.99 each month, and comes with some restrictions on the features that you can access. If you want a no-holds-barred experience, you can add on an extra 10 bucks for the ultimate edition. There’s only one version available on iOS and it’ll cost you $49.99 each month. It’s a bit pricey, but the features that it offers makes up for the cost that you’ll have to cover each month.
> The app can be found on its official website:

6. MSniffer

MSinffer is a phone tracker app that was built with the goal of finding the location of any cell phone by dialing its number. The app was created as a means of tracking down lost or stolen phones, but it can also be used to find the location of someone else. The app uses a GPS system that can intercept calls and find locations by pinging the signal of the target device. This allows the trackers to find the precise location of their target phone and the app will even use its map to give you the shortest route to get to it. This process works due to an exploit that each and every satellite device contains within its source code. All that was needed is an app that can imitate the functionality of a satellite GPS system and operate on the exact same frequency. It’s a similar process to scanning through various frequencies until you find a radio station you like. Connecting a specific station requires that you get the right frequency first. The only difference is the fact that satellite signals aren’t as easily accessed as that of radios.
More detailed review of this tool can be found on SwarfTech’s tutorial.
> The app can be found on its official website:

7. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is another popular app for spying on your mark. It was only released a few years ago but has since made its mark on the spy app world. It can operate covertly on your mark’s device and will give you extensive access to their data. TheTruthSpy can work on virtually any mobile operating system that you can think of. This includes iOS, Android, Symbian, and countless others. It’ll even work on an iPhone that hasn’t been jailbroken. The amount of features that the app holds is quite impressive. While other spy apps are generally pay-to-use, TheTruthSpy lets you try the features out using the two-day trial version. If you’re a beginner and don’t have much experience with spy apps, you’ll be happy to know that TheTruthSpy has 24/7 customer support. Their team is ready to help you solve any problems that you might encounter throughout the course of your surveillance campaign. They can also come in hand in the event of an emergency such as the installation of a security app like Norton or BitDefender on the target phone. The covert operation, countless features, and reliable customer support team make TheTruthSpy a good choice for your spying needs.
> The app can be found on its official website:

8. PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector is an app that people have been using to reach deeper crevices of data that other spy programs aren’t able to monitor. Most spy apps are restricted to seeing the information and data that is passing through the phone in real time. That means the app would be able to monitor any incoming messages as they’re received and then send out a copy of the messages to the person running the app. PhoneSpector can achieve the same results but takes it a step further by being able to copy any old or deleted texts too. The app creates a local copy of the text before the user deletes it to ensure that you’ll always be able to access the information even if your mark deletes the texts. This is great since many people who are paranoid about surveillance tend to delete their texts after them, but now that measure becomes moot due to the fact that PhoneSpector backs all the messages up locally. Another great selling point for PhoneSpector is the fact that it’s really easy to use, even for beginners. Once you’ve downloaded the app it will set itself up. All you have to do is tap a few times and test it out.
> The app can be found on its official website:

9. Auto Forward Spy

Auto Forward Spy is an app that is so ridiculously easy to use that even beginners can’t mess it up. It’s been available to users for just over five years, and in that time has managed to make thousands of satisfied customers. It contains all the features that you’d want to see in a mobile monitoring app. Auto Forward Spy is compatible with various types of smartphones. This means that you’ll be able to use it o most iPads, iPhones, Galaxy Notes, and Google Pixels that you want to target. You don’t need to have physical access to the target phone to have access to the information that the app has gathered. The app will automatically transmit all the gathered data so that you can access it from your phone, computer, or tablet. It only takes a few minutes to download the gathered data. When you use Auto Forward Spy, you’ll be able to get the data you’ve collected in a matter of minutes, which is far easier than having to gain physical access to the device whenever you want to harvest the seeds that you’ve planted on your target device.
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10. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is one app that is a must-have for all PC users. Get it on your browser, laptop, and desktop immediately. You’ll be shocked at all the activities that you can monitor through it. From social media data to call logs and texts, there’s nothing that you can’t access with FoneMonitor. FoneMonitor works pretty seamlessly, but there’s one important thing that you have to remember if you hope to track the data of your mark properly. Upon setup, you’ll have to verify the phone that you’re targeting with FoneMonitor. Once you have everything set up, it’s smooth sailing with FoneMonitor. The range of data that FoneMonitor collects makes it a no-brainer for your spying campaigns. It’s really easy to use too, even for beginners. It’s really affordable too making it a good choice for spies on a budget. FoneMonitor operates covertly meaning your mark won’t have any idea that you’re gathering their data, just be sure to delete any traces of the verification process when you first install and set up the app on their phone. Many apps are capable of covering their own footprints, but the footprints that you yourself leave behind are what you should be worried about, as those are what can truly get you caught.
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