How to spy WeChat messages with this special hacking software

Wechat HackI’ve stumbled across one very interesting app this morning while browsing Pinterest and drinking my coffee. It seems that one group of coders from got an idea to code not so common software which can be used to spy over WeChat messenger users remotely without their knowing!

Just having this information in my mind makes me feel unsecured when browsing internet because every day I read news about how some social network or website got hacked. Seems like this new generation of 2000’s kids who’re born with computers in their hands are much more skilled with technology and learning new tricks very fast.
And seriously, anyone who’s on a web should be capable to recognize at least primarily hacking attack types or know how to protect their devices against phishing and cyber malware.

And now even mobile phones and messaging apps like WeChat are on target. iOS users have more advantages when it comes to being protected as their operating system is more secured since all apps can only be installed from App-Store.
But Android users should beware more and I strongly recommend having some good antivirus protection installed on and keeping it updated regularly.

Anyway let’s keep with topic. This WeChat-hack application works along with exploit their creators found from WeChat’s official database. And after user inputs someones account’s information (ID username or phone number), the tool will search database for a match, then leaks out private information like messages, chat history etc.

This app can be found at

Disclaimer: This post is not made to teach people how to hack someones account or how to spy someone without their knowledge. I only made this post to show how browsing online can be risky and everyone should think twice before sharing some sensitive private information on internet. Because nothing on web is 100% secured! Remember that.