About Us

Most people in their lives embrace computers as useful tools to keep their lives organized. It was expected since their conception. All the nuts and bolts together bring to life a door to a realm that humanity has barely explored even if the software world has been open to us for almost a century now. Many people are content with just using the basic settings of the utilities available on their PCs as they get them. Every new tool they need to handle a task on their desktops is bought and paid for. Very few wonders what computers can offer beyond the limited scope of their primary use? Glommer is here to change your perception and make you wonder about what lies beyond.

The basic premise of our website is to ask the questions you may find difficult to answer by regular means. Computers are very complicated, but there is always someone who has tampered with every single piece of software that has been sold by a programmer. This constant thirst for knowledge and the natural curiosity of many humans has led to the creation of alternative tools to make computers work better. The devices have also evolved to new levels, and most of them give the user the means to learn about anything in the palm of their hands. With Glommer you can explore how far we can go. We are willing to tamper and experiment with everything related to the tech world and make it easy for you to understand.

We Hope our guidance works out for you!