Softrack Manager Guide

SofTrack This is one concern related application developed in aim to audit/control built systems for Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows OS’s which can help users for:

1. Get inside access of simultaneous programs usage.
2. Determine exact number of workstations rapidly where application is installed and is if it’s not currently running (Providing you to erase unused files and save resources for your next updates or upgrades.
3. Stop the risk of copyright infringement reports by blocking restricted software installations. Your users will no longer be capable to install any program without your previous permission. Adding to this, SofTrack’s control will prevent installation and/or modifications of executable files with viral infection new generation system.
4. Block renaming files like .EXE and .COM extensions – in every part of environment, programs opened windows, online servers, etc.
5. Receive quickly reports of any program with .EXE/.COM file opened and/or modified anywhere in your system on any device, remote or local.
6. Secure the stability of your software skeleton by disallowing modifying moves of apps executable files including these by viral spread ways.
7. find any program run by each environment or user.
8. Revise every opened file by each task in manager and Windows user.
9. Revise every page requested by Microsoft’s® official browser.
10. Revise any file in process and opened including the requesting opened window.
11. Disallow internet browsing via Microsoft’s® Internet Explorer browser while controling to allow local usage.
12. Hardware & Software collection of all your user experience.

Installation is very fast and normal like any other program.

It is suitable for any system from 4 workstations to 500,000+ ones opened.

It has over 12,000 users worldwide since its first release in 1988 as SiteLock.

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Regards and see you soon.