AdRem Server Manager

AdRem Server Manager is a “Net-Ware” server management tool which enables you to manage whole system in a Windows GUI. While preparing this review, we asked what is this one? what are its advantages between its competition? and who are the users of this software?
app screenshot

What is this program invented for?
As we mentioned already this application is a NetWare server management tool that allows you to manage your NetWare servers from a Windows workstation. It was developed by AdRem Software company

What are it’s capabilities?
This paragraph is where we can spend a lot of time explaining. Do you remember old Onsite Admin Pro? Multiply its functionality by ten and you’ll get the real value of AdRem Server Manager! You can configure and publish server parameters to multiple servers from a central location, monitor user activities, graph CPU utilization, create disk usage reports, collect and analyze trends, quickly diagnose problems and track NLM utilization. With this app you can schedule time-intensive routine tasks, and simultaneously perform multiple management tasks on more than one server.

Server Manager’s functionality keeps growing. Every time a new version is released, there is some additional functionality put into the product. There are two versions of it: a standalone Standard and a Client/Server version. The standalone Standard version requires no NLM’s to be loaded on the server. The Client/Server version does require two NLM’s to be loaded on the server, but the client piece will load them for you. We found the Client/Server version to have the most functionality, but we were not disappointed with the standalone Standard version either.

Who uses and needs this kind of app?
This program is in wide use by Novell Consulting specialists who face network, server, user, directory and file administrations gages. It is a Novell Consulting experts’ choice for NetWare servers’ tools for management. In real life it is a product for every NetWare Server Administrator need to have better tools to manage their servers. Even administrators who are new to the job can simply learn to use it very quickly.

AdRem Server Manager 4.0 is a great tool that has many capabilities. The developers have done a very nice job designing the product and ensuring it meets the needs of NetWare Administrators. If you are looking for a NetWare server management tool, you must take a serious look at this one.